Wednesday, 12 January 2011


We've all had to tighten our purse strings post Christmas. But temptations always there, so here's Preserved Vintage's quick guide to the upcoming Summer trends to make sure that you're spending those pennies wisely!

Marc Jacobs S/S11

 One of our favourite trends of the summer is 1970's, (after all who can do 1970's better than vintage?!). So you can re-use all those lovely camel and beige pieces that you bought for winter, but style them up a bit more, with some rust reds, warm browns, and amazing retro patterns. A wide brim hat is also a MUST if you ask us.

Stella McCartney S/S11

 It wouldn't be summer without a good floral print! This year it's less pretty and dainty, and more what you would find on your Great Aunts kitchen curtains. We love it!

Erdem S/S

Thanks to Florence Welch's efforts, we're all still sporting the Romantic look, and good news, we still can!

Herve Leger S/S11

Kate Moss

Fashion's looking to the 90's again. Only this time it's less grunge and more 90's minimal. For this look channel a young Kate Moss, keep it simple.

Gucci S/S11
And finally on our trend must have list. We're brightening up those January blues with lots of colour! The more the better! Just make sure you keep them all within the same tones, eg, go for all jewell colours, or if you dare go for something a bit braver like all fluro colours. Just don't mix the two! You want to look bright and stylish, not like you got dressed in the dark!

So keep an eye out ladies! Stick to smart shopping and you'll have a wardrobe to last. And of course don't forget to check in Preserved Vintage for your new looks, EVERYTHING in our shop is currently £5 and UNDER and will be for the rest of January. It's flying out though so you'll have to be quick! xx

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