Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mad as a Hatter!

The Aintree races are drawing ever closer ladies. Have you got your head wear sorted? If not Preserved Vintage might be your answer!
First though lets look at a bit of hat inspiration to get our shopping juices flowing.
Perhaps one of the most sought out milliners of the moment (Kate Middleton has apparently made him official milliner to the Royal Wedding, and Lady Gaga often wears his designs) is Irish born Philip Treacy.

Treacy is a name now synonymous with luxury head wear. Discovered by fashion muse Isabella Blow in 1989, and has since gone on to design AMAZING hats for Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander McQueen.

His couture designs are also favored by none other than Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cheryl Cole.

There is nothing Philip Treacy can't make into a beautiful head piece, his hats have featured taxidermy animals and birds, Andy Warhol inspired prints, and who can forget Lady Gagas Telephone hat?

Here's a few of his fabulous designs.

Lady Gaga
S/S 03


Cheryl Cole

Now something as extravagant as that may set you back a few of your well earned pennies. But they certainly would be unique and sure to make you stand out from the rest at Ladies Day.

However something just as unique, is vintage. It's very unlikely that you'll see someone in the same hat as you if you chose to wear vintage. And lucky for you we have been sourcing some beautiful hats for Preserved Vintage.
And the even better bit? Prices range from just £10-£25.

This very wide brim white hat with blue bow and a veil is amazing! Plus its a bargain at just £25.

Get shopping ladies, there's not long left!

Preserved xx

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