Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

That's right we're jumping on the band wagon. You may be sick of hearing about it by now but we can't get enough.
It's like watching a real life fairytale!
So Kate Middleton went with Sarah Burton for McQueen, and how amazing did she look? Classic and elegant but in no way boring. Exactly how a Princess should look.

We couldn't help but look back at some other Royal Wedding Dresses, and they certainly know how to dress! People don't say 'fit for a Queen' for nothing.

First off there's Queen Victoria, who apparently started off the whole wedding dress craze. Until her wedding, brides would wear the best dress that they already owned. But once Queen Vic walked down the aisle in a custom made white dress, from then on the dress has been one of the main focuses of the day.

Queen Victoria

Then there's our favourite, Princess Grace of Monaco, if ever there was a woman to look like a real life Disney Princess, its Grace Kelly. She's absolutely stunning and who every bride aspires to look like on their wedding day. (We think Kate might have copied her a little bit too, but who can blame her hey?!)
Grace Kelly
The Queen was wearing a suiting canary yellow, very summery! But what about what she wore on her own wedding day? A gorgeous lace dress with over 10,000 (yep! TEN THOUSAND!) pearls embroidered into it.

Queen Elizabeth II
What would you have worn if you were invited to the Royal wedding today? We think a high neck 60's shift would be perfect for today's weather.
We're open until 4.30pm today so if you're looking for something special to wear pop in and see us!

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