Saturday, 11 June 2011

Festival Hair!

The Isle of Wight is this weekend so its given us girls the usual trauma, of 'what do I do with my hair!' Most of us have been there, the nightmare of constant rain frizz, tent static, and a curly fringe from all the heat. The usual solution is a trusty straw hat, which is all right, but why not try something a bit different that you won't see 1000's of other festival go'ers in?

We suggest you go for a turban headband, each lovingly hand made from reworked vintage material. As seen here!

Preserved have also been working hard to come up with some more solutions to that terrible festival hair, with some pleated hippy style headbands. There are no photos yet, but they'll be added when we've got them.

So there you go, little hair miracles for just £5-£12, what more could you ask for!

Preserved xx

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